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In 1974, when I was only 10 years old, my big brother bought a tape recorder. He had ca. 20 tapes, 'stuffed' with the songs of the 70's. I listened to them from the beginnning to the end and could sing along with all songs. Since then i was thrilled.

The Beatles are my favourite group, I listen to everything that has been produced from 1960 until now. I like oldies, country, pop of the 80's, dance of the 90's, heavy metal, but also classic - organ, violin, piano. and why? Music is feeling! When music (no matter what style) helps you to feel the mood you are in more intensive, than it is good.

The following table shows a small selection of groups I always like to listen to.


  • The Jingle for Expo2000 is by Kraftwerk!!
  • On Nov, 13th, 2000 The Beatles launched their own WebSite!