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Use/Uti's S.oftware R.ack

On this page I've put some programmes for download. They are Freeware and Shareware. Some I use every day, they are very handy. Programmes marked with "download" you can download directly.

{ca. MB} | D = german | E = english | F = Freeware | S = Shareware

exitwin+ {0.05} D-F

by stefan schmidt

not "start to shutdown" but "shutdown". quick shutdown.

fileback pc {1.40} E-S

by maximum output software

backup and synchronisation utility, backs up multiple file-versions, backs up files as they change, scheduler.

macdrive {5.60} DE-S

by media four corporation

macdrice software makes mac disks act like normal pc disks, so it's a great way to get files both from macs to pcs and from pcs to macs. open, edit and save files on mac disks fom mycomputer, explorer, and your favorite software, easily and seamlessly. just install and go. works with mac floppies, zip, jaz, syquest, mo, cd-rom, cd-r, hard drives and more. supports mac file system hfs and hfs+. works with scsi, ide, usb, firewire, fibre channel, parallel port.

masm32 {3.20} E-F

by microsoft/coding crew

assembler for compiling sourcecode-files, with further samples and tutorials.

o & o defrag 2000 D-F

by o & o software gmbh

defragmentation tool under nt/2000 for ntfs and fat. (tip: also software mmc 1.1!! F)

ped asm 0.32 {0.10} E-F

by nicolas witczak

turns binary code of files into assembler-sourcecode, def- and include-files.

second copy 2000 E-S

by centered systems

backup utility with profiles, scheduler, also into zip-archives.

deutsche tipps, Quicksteps, tipps+tricks

systray+ {0.05} D-F

by stefan schmidt

put often used programmes in the taskbar, only one click for start nessesary.

traybackup (back it up) {0.40} D-F

by michael schiel

simple backup utility.

update2 {0.60} E-F

by profiles software

backup and synchronisation utility, uses a text-file, so called script.

xxcopy {0.20} E-F

by pixelab inc.

backup utility, extension of the ms-dos xcopy, command line mode, (for use in batch-files), supports 'datman' by pixelab.

yoda's crypter 1.2 {0.01} E-F

by yoda

protection from deassembling by exe-coding.

< dt>

abo scheduler {0.55} D-F

by aborange

Programm for scheduled tasks.

autoeject {0.05} E-F

by kevin marty

eject removable discs + cd by click or shutdown.

caledos 4.0 {0.20} E-F

by nicola delfino

automatic wallpaper changer for windows.

cd tray {0.14} E-F

by kana solution

open and close the cd tray from the taskbar.

character viewer {0.23} E-F

by kana solution

view characters within a font, copy it into the clipboard and paste it into your application.

computer admin {9.74} E-S

by thomas mokwa/cg software

for sysops: database for tracking computers, peripherals and software.

crossfont converter 3.4 {0.33} E-S

by acute system

crossfont for windows 95,98,nt,2000 and xp converts truetype and postscript type1 fonts between macintosh and pc platforms.

day display {0.50} D-F

by aborange

shows date and week number in the tray.

direct drive {1.70} E-F

by ege software

assign virtual drive letters to your directories.

hlp to rtf {0.4} D-S

by bernd herd

converts hlp files into rtf files and keeps the references to sections and graphics. so you can e.g. translate these files or completely print them. a re-conversion to hlp is possible.

html help {4.9} DE-F

by microsoft

create html help files (chm). these include html files and dependent elements like graphics and multimedia. you can create help systems, programm documentations and project documentations and deliver them in one file.

jege floppydiskimager 1.01 {0.8} D-F

by jens geissler

with jege floppydiskimager you can create an image from a 1,44-mb-floppy or write the content of an imagefile onto an 1,44-mb-floppy.

kana reminder {0.56} E-F

by kana solution

software for reminding, can also be used to run another program and schedule a task. can be set to remind on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually basis. has built in shutdown, reboot, and log off routine.

kana wallchanger {0.65} E-F

by kana solution

automatic wallpaper changer for windows.

launcher {0.23} E-F

by kana solution

with laucher you can launch your favorite programs or documents within a click of your mouse from the task bar. you can assign a hotkey, specific icons, single click configureable.

macro angel 1.2 {1.30} E-F

by prof. m. irsadi aksun

macro- und automatization-software.

schedule wizard {5.8} E-S

by vince sorensen

the essential tool for scheduling programs and messages with flexibility and ease.

screen saver/slide show toolbox {1.70} E-S

by midnight blue software, Inc.

create own screensaver / slide shows from graphics like JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG, PCX, PSD, add wav or mdi sound.

screenweaver 1.02 {1.10} E-F

by grooveware multimedia

create your own screensaver from flash files.

software E-S

by gregory braun

password keeper, font viewer, icon extractor, reminder, text edit, and more. take a look!

software {1.20} E-S

by peter pearson

  • email list pro: for newsletters & mailings
  • email pro: write emails from the taskbar
  • mail check pro: check emails from the taskbar
  • tool pro: systemtools & more from the taskbar
  • bailout: quick shutdown
  • diskspace pro: view free space on hard drives & network drives
  • floppy: view & erase diskettes
  • launch pro: quick launch for programs

split {0.10} E-F

by peter pearson

a small tool to split files.

topdesk {0.10} E-F

by snadboy

all programmes of the desktop available from the taskbar. you can hide the icons to see the background.

web exe 1.6 {1.62} DE-S

by andreas wulf

webexe creates an independent, executable exe-file from html-files on your hard disc. this file contains a built-in web browser, so you need no extra software for watching. starting from an index.htm, all embedded graphics, sounds and sub-files are compiled into one file. examples of use are e.g. offline-homepage, price lists, tips- and tricks collections, enceclopaedias, firm presentations, electronic books, menues for cd-roms, help files in html.

world time E-F

by paw print

does anybody really know what time it is? worldtime. stop watch, astronomical data, alarms. time sync over the web.

album express {1.80} E-S

by eric g.v. fookes

create picture albums for home, friends and the web.

arles image web page creator {4.8} E-S

by digital dutch

Use Arles Image Web Page Creator to quickly and easily create image galleries on the web. Arles generates top quality thumbnails, modifies images and automatically creates HTML pages.

blind site {0.30} E-F

by dr. john collomosse

programme to hide files in bitmap pictures (steganography).

wiki: description in wikipedia

brother's keeper {16.00} DE-S

by john steed

family tree programme.

contact book/the book {0.30} E-F

by troy engel

small, simple tool to store all your extensive contacts, with many address-fields.

cuecards 2000 {0.65} D-F

by marcus humann

flexible combination of word processing and database with extensive search.

cuteftp {5.00} E-S

by globalscape

ftp client

cutehtml {0.90} E-F

by globalscape

html editor

cutemap {0.60} -S

by globalscape

create image maps

cutezip {1.50} E-S

by globalscape

zip utility

deluxe pacman {2.40} E-F

by neil roy

the legendary pacman with 63 levels.

alle 117 level.

wiki: description in wikipedia

editplus {1.00} E-S

by es-computing

text editor, html editor and programmer's editor. syntax highlighting for various programme codes, customizable. ftp programme, html toolbar, searching files without opening.

goldensection notes 1.3 {0.90} DE-F

by tgs labs

flexible combination of word processing and database with extensive search.

goldensection organizer 1.3 {1.40} DE-S

by tgs labs

comprehensive pim. calendar, reminder, adresses, to-do-list etc.

jellyfish player (backgammon) {0.60} E-F

by effect software as

backgammon game for windows. user: JellyFish password: 446242696188214


wiki: description in wikipedia

kyodai mahjongg {4.70} DE-S

by rené-gilles deberdt

Beautiful Mahjongg with many backgrounds, stone shapes, mahjongg shapes and music. addictive drug :-)

wiki: description in wikipedia

mailbag {2.00} E-S

by eric g.v. fookes

e-mail organizer: view, search, group and archive your e-mails.

meta script master {0.30} D-F

by firzlaff/petersen

create simply meta-tags, javascript, vb-script etc. according to your needs. meta script master

notetab light {1.50} E-F

by eric g.v. fookes

text & html editor, can search for text in files on disk without opening

notetab pro {1.60} E-S

by eric g.v. fookes

text & html editor, can search for text in files on disk without opening, spell checker and thesaurus, very fast, tag highlighting

pc-file (dos) {1.10} E-S

by jim button

the very first shareware of the world. address-database. (see wiki-link)

wiki: description in wikipedia

pc-file (win) {1.20} E-S

by jim button

the very first shareware of the world. address-database.

private crypto 1.11 {18} DE-F

by ultimaco software ag

programme for file coding, rijndael (aes) algorhythm (128 bit).

redbox organizer {1.70} E-S

by inkline global inc.

comprehensive pim. calendar, reminder, adresses, to-do-list etc.

scribble papers {1.1} D-F

by jens hötger

flexible combination of word processing and database with extensive search.

software E-S

by rks software

fax, calendars, lables and more.

soko 1.1 {0.70} E-F

by mark mcIntyre

sokoban mit 355 levels und editor.

wiki: description in wikipedia

stash it {0.60} E-F

by smaller animals software

programme to hide files in pictures (jpg, tif, png - steganography).

wiki: description in wikipedia

super notetab {0.73} E-F

by eric g.v. fookes

simple text & html editor

top style light {1.85} E-F

by bradsoft

style sheet editor.

tray animations 3.01 {1.20} E-F

by mark mcIntyre

plays entertaining (useless ;-) ) animations in the task bar. with 460 additional animations and an editor.

visual sokoban {0.41} E-F

by sylvain gravejat

the game, i first got to know in 1987 on a east-german-pc.

wiki: description in wikipedia

windows terminplaner {0.80} D-F

by siegfried weckmann

date planner for multiple users, can be used in a network.

icon ripper {1.00} E-F

by marco k.

find and save icons in all files, and edit them with icondraw.

iview32 {0.90} DE-F

by irfan skiljan

picture viewer, also animated gifs, and great slideshow, plays video, sounds etc.

thumbsplus E-S

by cerious software, inc., kelly data gmbh

multimedia-viewer and browser. administration of graphics, pictures, clipart, animation, videoclips and fonts in a database. files can be searched, viewed, edited, converted and printed.

advanced disk catalog {1.40} DE-S

by elcom ltd.

the ! catalogue for all kind of discs. small catalogue file, quick search!

bbmpeg {0.80} E-F

by brent beyeler

mpeg audio/video encoder and multiplexor for mpeg1 and mpeg2 (avi to mpeg).


bookcat {6.10} E-S

by fnprogramvare

comprehensive book-manager

catraxx {7.80} E-S

by fnprogramvare

comprehensive music-manager, connection to cddb

catvids {6.10} E-S

by fnprogramvare

comprehensive video-manager

dbpoweramp music converter {2.10} E-F

by illustrate

converts audio files to other audio formats, codec installs for de/encoding more audio-formats, save (rip) audio-cds as wav-files, add-ons: mp3-transfer to portable mp3 players, power-pack with many features, auxilary input to save lps track-wise, file selector for selction from files and folders, explorer-integration.

Die Plattenkiste D-F

by Thomas Reichardt

Manage and play you music records, attach covers.

goldwave {0.70} E-S

by chris craig

comprehensive digital audio editor.

monkey's audio E-F

by Matthew T. Ashland

Monkey's Audio is a fast and easy way to compress digital music. Unlike traditional methods such as mp3, ogg, or lqt that permanently discard quality to save space, Monkey's Audio only makes perfect, bit-for-bit copies of your music. That means it always sounds perfect – exactly the same as the original. Even though the sound is perfect, it still saves a lot of space.

wiki: description in wikipedia

mp3 livesetsplitter {0.3} E-F

by e-w@re

This is a tool for splitting MP3 files into fixed size parts.
It works with CBR and VBR files.

  • VBR file support
  • can create a CUE sheet to burn directly CDs
  • can add ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags to the splitted files

wiki: description in wikipedia

mp3 merger {0.3} E-F

by e-w@re

This is a tool for joining MP3 files together. It takes care of the ID3v1, IDv1.1 and ID3v2 tags. Features:

  • ID3v1.1 tag support
  • takes care of ID3v2 tags
  • can add ID3v1.1 tag to the generated file
  • VBR support
  • accepts drag'n'drop from the explorer
  • can be integrated into the "Send to" Menu of the explorer

wiki: description in wikipedia

mp3gain {0.7} DE-F

by Glen Sawyer

mp3gain analyzes mp3 files to determine how loud they sound to the human ear. it can then adjust the mp3 files so that they all have the same loudness without any quality loss. this way, you don't have to keep reaching for the volume dial on your mp3 player every time it switches to a new song.

deutsche hilfe

mp3tag {1.66} DE-F

by Florian Heidenreich

mp3rag is a tool to comfortably edit tags and offers beyond it extensive possibilities for importing and exporting of tags.

softcat {4.40} E-S

by fnprogramvare

comprehensive software-manager

stampcat {4.50} E-S

by fnprogramvare

comprehensive stamp-manager

video collection manager {0.30} D-F

by andy ingham/emmental software

simple video-manager

videostore/32 {0.30} DE-F

by alexander müller alcomp development

simple video-manager

wave corrector {1.5} E-S

by ganymede test & measurement

wave corrector is a true wysiwyg waveform corrector that automatically removes clicks, ticks and plops from recordings of vinyl records before transfer to cd-r. it also removes hiss and corrects other audio impairments from both vinyl and tape/cassette recordings. wave corrector also automatically finds track boundaries and assembles separate wave files representing each of the tracks of a multi-track source.

wave-recorder {0.5} D-F

by roland kind

the wave-recorder was developed to record radio broadcasts (radio plays, concerts, etc.) via the soundcard of a pc directly into audio files. you can schedule records, multiple soundcards are supported. it is freeware for private users. mp3 support (files not included).

whereisit? {4.20} DE-S

by whereisit-soft, robert galle

complex catalogue-tool

0190 warner {0.60} D-F

by mirko böer

warns against dialling of expensive 0190 numbers in the background. you can define your own numbers to check. (# 2 pc-magazin 07/02)

almond classifieds {0.02} DE-F

by almondsoft

classified ads on mysql and php basis. is used here for model railway ads.

deutsche version

alpha download counter {0.50} DE-F

by visyite

on basis of php. with visyte alpha download counter you can count, how often a file has been downloaded. as it would be complicated to install a counter for each file, you can manage unlimited downloads with a script with visyte adlc (alpha download counter). furthermore you can secure your links against "theft" with an anti leeching system.

analog {1.63} DE-F

by stephen r. e. turner

the no. 1 for webmasters. extensive, customizable visitor-statistics. for every system and in many languages.

arles image web page creator 4.94 {1.80} E-S

by Digital Dutch

programme for creating one- or multisided image galleries in html, with complete navigation, very flexible with templates, frames, watermarks.

caupo shop DE-

by internet-service gmbh

online shop on mysql and php basis.

coppermine photo gallery v1.1.0 {0.5} DE-F

by grégory demar

photo gallery on php and mysql basis. comprehensive gallery with user management.

download express {0.65} DE-F

by meta products corp.

fast, multitask download manager.

feedbuster {1.0} D-S

by alnera

always stay informed. feedbuster makes it easy for you to reach this goal. this news reader of the newest generation has been developed for to read your rss atom or rdf news quickly and comfortable.

feeddemon {2.6} E-S

by bradsoft

Simplify the way you read the web! Stop wasting time checking your favorite web sites for updates. Use FeedDemon instead, and make them come to you.

feedreader {3.90} DE-F

by toomas toots feedreader

feedreader is a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports rss and atom formats.

fresh download {1.33} E-F

by freshdevices corp.

fast, multitask download manager. requires free registration.

ht track {3.8} DE-F

by x. roche, y. philippot

offline browser, mirrors complete websites onto your hard drive.

leech ftp {0.60} DE-F

by jan debis

ftp client, simultaneous transfers, file/directory up- and download, ftpsearch.

deutsches menü

newswriter 2.56 {0.09} DE-F

by philipp wolfer

show breaking news on your website, with categories, archive, multi-user. on php basis (no mysql required).

newswriter sw {1.4} DE-F

by scriptworker

show breaking news on your website, with categories, archive, multi-user. on php basis (no mysql required).

newswriter tt {0.09} D-F

by philipp wolfer/peter merbitz

show breaking news on your website, with categories, archive, multi-user. on php basis (no mysql required). expasion of nw 2.55a with - counter function - comment function - tell a friend function - additional replacements

online timer D-S

by mathias müller

small, great online cost meter for many (german) providers.

outpost firewall {2.80} DE-F

by agnitum limited

modular firewall system, runs without any customization, hides ports, learning rules, configure actions for java, active-x, javascript and cookies, e-mail check.

phoenix mail {0.76} DE-F

by michael haller

email-programme with: spam & mail filter, multiple address books, multiple signatures, preview mail on server, multiple accounts, system tray operation, etc.

php file navigator 2 {0.6} DE-F

by Lito

phpfilenavigator v2.2.0 is an open source code and free application to do a complete management of yours files and folders by web.

popcorn email client {0.20} E-F

by ultrafunk

ultra-lightweight POP3/SMTP e-mail client. you're reading mail from a POP3 server directly, without downloading it to a local mailbox on your PC (although you can save mail messages locally if you want to). this makes it ideally suited for on the road mail access, and for scanning, reading and sending mail over slow internet connections. it supports multiple user profiles, enabling you to read and send mail from any number of different POP3 accounts. you can carry it with you on a floppy disk or download quickly from the web without installation procedures. the user profiles and account information is NOT saved in the local registry,but in a small, portable .INI-file that accompanies the application, enabling you to easily move between locations.

powermarks {0.74} E-S

by kaylon technologies inc.

internet search engine and bookmark manager, allows flexible and fast creation, searching, and browsing of bookmarks,of ie, ns, opera and mozilla in one list.

software E-S

by rhinosoft

  • ftp voyager: ftp-client, scheduler
  • allegro mail: email-client
  • allegro surf: proxy-server

spybot - search & destroy {4.3} DE-F

by patrick michael kolla/safer networking limited

spybot can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. it can also clean usage tracks.

super mailer D-S

by mirko böer

newsletter programme for text and html mails, with file attachment und personal emails. automatic register and cancel.

terraserver echtzeit suche {0.2} DE-F

by terraserver

Some people say php is not the language to do a fulltextsearch and they are
right ;-) but anyway: performs a realtime fulltext-search
over spezified directorys including subdirectorys and returns a link and an
extract of each file. htmlspecialchars are supported so a search for "über"
will return documents having "&uuml;ber" as well as documents having "über".

tools for the chat (irc): autoleech {0.02} E-F

by autoscript

autoleech, is designed to easily request files via irc. the client requires a csv file to be able to search your existing collection of files and know what files you still need and then automatically request the files from someone using a dcc file server like autotrig. after receiving the files, the script will even move them to the collection folder for you.

tools for the chat (irc): autotrig {0.17} E-F

by autoscript

autotrig is an irc file server. allowing setup and offering of dcc triggers, making it possible to share your files with others. autotrig can be used to share any type of files, but is especially helpful in serving up files that are inventoried with a csv file. collections of photo scans, music.. you name it. autotrig can automate the process of offering the files on an irc channel.

tools for the chat (irc): mirc {1.20} E-S

by khaled mardam-bey (tjerk vonck & mirc co. ltd.

windows irc client, well equipped with options and tools.

tools for the chat (irc): the!checker {0.70} E-F

by volker horch

a file collection checking program for windows. multiple options for checking, 32-bit crc-calculation and check, building 4-dos description (acdsee compatible description), cache for already verified crcs, handle different csv-file types (including ecsv), collection archive handling, synchronization of home- and work-pc, make csv-files, search in csv-files and much more ...

urlmenu {0.14} E-F

by paul dixon

bookmarks of the browsers ie, ns, opera in one list in the taskbar without file import.

zoom search engine {3.1} DE-FS

by wrensoft

Zoom is the easiest way to add a powerful custom search engine to your website, intranet, or CD-ROM and DVD. PHP, ASP, Javascript, and CGI support in one package.

software in piles here... no nags