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Short history of my TT-Modelrailway part 2

by Edgar Janotta


I built a construction in gauge S by Stadtilm, made of two circles on an area of ca. 1,50 * 1 m with two transformers for 2-train-operation for Christian and a battery driven simple construction in gauge 0 for Volker.


I built a [TT-construction]( single-track main line with electric locomotives (without overhead cable) and side line with steam engine and rail bus. Ca. 1,70 * 0,9 m.

*K-C = Klingenberg-Colmnitz, *N. = Neukirch, *TM = Thomasmühle, *SM = Self made

Freight cars


19 several - including gondola cars, boxcars, tank cars, five pcs. 00tu high capacity hopper cars.