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Short history of my TT-Modelrailway part 3

by Edgar Janotta


Start to built a medium-sized construction, as home construction more a large construction. Subject: electrified main line (single-track) as oval with ca. 4 m visible track and three-track tunnel station. From the six-track main station Klingenberg-Colmnitz (K-C) with three-track workshop and three-track goods station a side line branches off, with through station Thomasmühle (TM), leading to a higher located station Neukirch (N). Length of side line ca. 3 m. Side lines leading to gasworks (K-C) and sawmill (TM). Number of points: 30, including 3 manual points.

Autumn 2001

Begin of planning the reconstruction.

*K-C = Klingenberg-Colmnitz, *N. = Neukirch, *TM = Thomasmühle, *SM = Self made

Passenger cars


3 passenger cars (ex Ci-30) with baggage car (ex Pwi-30) green, 3 passenger cars (ex Ci-30) with baggage car (ex Pwi-30) red (Molli), 2 express train car and 1 dining car type Y, 2 older express train cars, 3 3-axle rebuild coach Bage ep.IV with 2-axle baggage coach (Pwgs-56), 2-end carriages for double-deck train DB 13, 1 rail bus V 171, 2 compartement car (ex C3 pr11)